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♥ Seeking...♥ - Psycho le Cemu Cosplayers Unite!

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Previous Entry ♥ Seeking...♥ Jan. 7th, 2007 @ 09:13 pm Next Entry
I'm looking for East Coast cosplayers willing to join a Psycho le Cému group.


Cosplayers must attend Nekocon and Otakon.
Tentative Cons: Anime Mid-Atlantic, AnimeNEXT, AnimeUSa.

I'd like to be... pretty much the best PLC group in the history of the universe and I think you lovelies can help me make that possible.

I suppose I want to get to know you before anything. If you're interested please comment with the following information about yourself:

1. Name
2. Location
3. What member are you applying as?
4. How long have you cosplayed?
5. Do you have any PLC costumes already made?
6. What is your favourite PLC costume set?
7. Do you know any para para?
8. What are your favourite PLC songs? (Just to know)
9. Link to cosplay.com/cosplaylab/myspace/anywhere you have pictures of your costumes (PLC or otherwise)
10. email address

I hope I do not sound elitist or rude, but I really want to have a good group. I have cosplayed AYA for two years now, but I feel like my skill level as a cosplayer has improved enough to set out to do costumes I was afraid to do previously or to fix the ones I did then.

If you are not interested but may know someone who is, send them my way.
If you have any questions, you can comment, email me (myaku_@hotmail.com) or send me an instant message (xmegatronxx).

Thanks~ ^O^
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